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Kapilvastu : Buddha's Birth Place

Monks at Kapilvastu

Main Stupa in Kapilvastu

About Kapilvastu

Area: 6 sq. km.

Population: 3900 (2001 census)

Altitude:100 mtrs above sea level

Season: October-April

Clothing: Summer - Cottons; Winter - Woolens

Languages and Dialacts : Bhojpuri, Avadhi, Hindi, English

Local Transport: Taxi Cabs, Tempo/Tonga/Rickshaw

Identified today with ancient Kapilvastu, moderm Piprahwa lies at a distance of 20 km from Siddharthnagar (Naugarh). Kapilvastu was the ancient capital of the Sakya clan whose ruler was the father of the Buddha, for which reason the Buddha is also referred to as the Sakyamuni. The Sakya domain was one of the sixteen independent principalities of the 6th century BC.

Prince Gautam, as the Buddha was then known, left his palace in Kapilvastu at the age of 29, and revisited it 12 years later, long after he had attained enlightenment.

Today, Kapilvastu Comprises of Several villages, chief among them being Piprahwa and Ganvaria. A large stupa stands at the ancient site which is said to have housed the bone relics of the Buddha. The presence of these relics are testified by an ancient Brahmi inscription discovered at Piprahwa. The ruins of the palace are spread over a large area.

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